Back at It

I have arrived back in town, fresh off a wonderful choir tour with stops in Kansas, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa. I did tour Temple Square in Salt Lake and will have some posts regarding that experience in the future. Also, I read The Da Vinci Code as I had hoped.


3 thoughts on “Back at It

  1. BTW, if you now believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalen were married and moved to America to become Mormons, it’s not our fault: you just confused somewhere down the road. Don’t worry; that happens when you travel a lot.

  2. Glad you are back safe. Sorry I missed you guys on your stops in Kansas. Had sick kids that day and couldn’t make the performance.

    Did you get a chance to study the architecture of the old tabernacle in S.L.C.? Fascinating engineering.

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