Slow Blog Week

Michael’s gallivanting all over the Midwest/West and I’m working on a paper for which the deadline was extended–prior to leaving tomorrow morning for my brother’s wedding in So. California. (No rest for the weary.) I’ll be back next week. Balaam’s Ass will speak again!
In the meantime, try this.


5 thoughts on “Slow Blog Week

  1. IN the mean time….

    Hey, Jean-Martin,

    Last I heard you where preparing for an exam or something… but we never where updated on the results?

  2. Hi Lawrence,

    Well, thank you for asking. I was examined on the 11th by a jury made up of pastors…and it worked pretty well! So I am now a deacon in our synod, with one more year of training before being officially installed as a “preaching deacon” (I know, it sounds odd). So I guess you can call me Deacon Thomas Constantini, since that is my real name,after all 😉

  3. Congratulations “Deacon” Constantini.
    Very commendable.

    I should share home email with you some time. In case you bump into any of my old long-lost Belgian relatives over there.

  4. I would be glad to help you in your search for your ancestors!! The parish in Antwerp/Anvers is now independant from our synod, but Belgium is not that far, after all. It is a small country, but they have a very complicated history. Do you know if your ancestors came from the French-speaking part or from the Flemish-speaking part?

  5. J.M.,
    I appreciate the offer. I’m more interested in the history. Actually locating lost blood relatives will be pretty much impossible at this point. Let me pick this up with you via hotmail, and I will explain further.


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