Slow News Week

Surely this didn’t deserve as much attention as it has gotten. Sure it’s news, but it doesn’t belong with adjectives such as “bizarre” (apparently Brian Williams’ favorite word for it). Doesn’t the White House press corps have more interesting things to engage in “heated” discussion with Scott McClellan about? It belongs on David Letterman, not top story of every newscast for the last week.


4 thoughts on “Slow News Week

  1. Dog bites man isn’t news…man bites dog is news to revive an old cliche.

    “Shooting victim apologizes to Vice President”

    Well, I’m afraid that’s in the man bites dog category.

    Besides, a sitting vice-president only shoots someone once every 200 years. It’s newsworthy.

    But there are other topics that need paying attention to: the soaring deficit, the Plame scandal, Iran, and the gov’t disastrous response to Katrina (immortalized in a report that just came out). They will get back to these.

  2. My wife is from Denver, CO. Darn, I KNEW I should have taken Spanish and not German in middle school. It would be quite useful when we are there.

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