Strange Advertising

As I watched the morning news on NBC, one of the commercials promoted Brokeback Mountain, hailing it as “a smash hit in all 50 states.” Assuming that this is true, and that may be a big assumption, why mention “all 50 states”? I can hear it now…Spider Man 3…a smash hit in all 50 states!

9 thoughts on “Strange Advertising

  1. The sad part about all this is Christians who pay to see these kinds of movies, effectively helping to promote and support this junk by making it profitable.

  2. I just checked, brokeback was the 42nd highest grossing film of 2005 (a paltry year for cinema)… hardly a smash hit, especially since aside from March of the Penguins and Crash it had abismal opening sales and failed to even break 10 mil opening weekend… heck Elektra was able to do that.

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