My Prediction

[I don the swami hat for a moment…]

Everyone’s got Pittsburgh winning it all. That alone should make bettors nervous. The Steelers will be up 14-7 at halftime and everyone will be getting ready to say, “I told you so.” But since the Steelers will get the ball first, the Seahawks will have it first in the second half. They’ll take it 86 yards for a touchdown. The game’s going to be close the entire time, but with 4:30 left, the Seahawks will go up a field goal. It will be heart-stopping, but the Seahawks are going to stop a fourth-down run by Bettis with 45 seconds to go from the 6-yard line. Final score: Seahawks 27, Steelers 24.



6 thoughts on “My Prediction

  1. My prediction is that it depends on who makes a mistake. Steelers have to play perfect ball to win, and they have been playing very well. Seahawks might be able to make one or two mistakes and still win, and they’ve also been playing very well.

    If both teams play perfect ball, I give the advantage to the Seahawks.

  2. Did you have a dream? That’s getting pretty specific!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Seahawks don’t win in a blowout, I’ll take your scenario.

  3. Lots of questionable things going on. Besides the dropped passes and weird time-management, the referees took two touchdowns off the board, and put the Steelers in a position to get another one with that ridiculous call on Hasselbeck.

    Sign Alexander and get back there next year.


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