Waste of Time

I know this is going to come across as defensive, but take it as annoyance instead. I really dislike drive-by commenting. I repent in dust and ashes if I have ever done it. If you’re going to come by and make strong comments about a post, at least check back to continue the discussion. You can’t make unsupported assertions and not respond when someone has a question about what you’ve said. It’s wasting your time to make the comment, and it wastes the time of those left wondering what the heck you’re talking about. So if you’re too busy to continue the discussion, don’t bother starting one.


8 thoughts on “Waste of Time

  1. I’m new here and been commenting on a post here and there, but I have been checking back and reading frequently.

    Fair warning, although I think I have confessional credentials, I am quite liberal politically, though this does not include a pro-choice position.

    So, some of my posts might not fit the mainstream political opinion of the general readership, although my posts relating to theology should fit in.

    Post you later.

  2. As one who would probably be considered a “drive-by commentator”, in my defense I read BA regularly (usually once a day) and by the time I get to read a posting, let alone comment on it, it has moved far down the page and appears to have lost steam. I hope you don’t have the vain assumption that we all sit around waiting for the Oracle to speak (tongue planted firmly in cheek here) so that we can be 1st in line to dissect the utterances and parse the sentence structure of the random commentator. I enjoy the dialog but too often there is a tendency to snipe (at least on most blogs) at each other rather than adding value to the discussion, and the discussion quickly moves away from the issues I’ve raised.

    For example, and I probably should have followed up better (but felt you & your audiance had moved on), while most agreed with you regarding the posting on female ordination below, no one addressed (IMHO) the issue of how to involve men more to the point that there is no need for women to fill positions of authority within a congregation. Saying, “YOU MUST!!” to men without providing opportunities for them to be meaningfully challenged and equipped for the role of spiritual leadership is beating a dead horse (as I may be doing right now …).


  3. Scott, the female ordination issue (lack of active men issue) is much bigger than what we can contain on a simply daily-weekly blog.

    We could create an entire bog or discussion formus dedicated to just this topic in order to explore how we “provide opportunities for them [men] to be meaningfully challenged.”

    Maybe we could ask Tim if he’s willing to start another discussion thread focused on this specific question?

    I agree it would be much more constructive to focus the discussion on what men should be doing, rather than what women should not be doing.

  4. It’s not really about whether anyone comments. What I don’t really like is posting a single comment that may or may not be inflammatory, and not checking back in on the fire. I’m not asking anyone to spend their time here. A lot of people find other things more worthwhile. It’s the long-distance, shoot-once-and-leave snipers that I have a problem with. But you’re right, sometimes blog posts can move fast; FYI, I check back whenever people comment on anything, because I can see their comments on the dashboard of this blog.


  5. You know, Tim, once you blog for awhile you learn to spot the snipers. I appreciate if you are posting your concerns for our benefit, just feel confident that we also recongnize the snipers and for the most part ignore them.

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