Seahawks? Super Bowl?

Those three words have never before been used in the same sentence without numerous negatives. Shock and awe…

[Here is an excellent breakdown of the two teams.]



3 thoughts on “Seahawks? Super Bowl?

  1. I was hoping to see the Seahawks and Broncos in the superbowl. But, that can’t happen when you play your worst game of the season against a team like the Steelers.

    Grats to the Seahawks, and good luck.

  2. It would probably be hypocritical of me to root for the Hawks after I’ve been so nasty about them. Which is a shame, because I know our neighbors to the west have been yearning for this for decades. (As I might have done, when I lived in King County.) I’d really like to be able to cheer for them in this hour of victory.

    Would I be a hypocrite if I simply suspended loathing of them for the weekend?

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