Skip Does His Thing

I remember when the Green Bay Packers were playing in their three NFC Championship games back in the mid 90s, sports writer Skip Bayless would take his shots at the team and never give them any respect. Now he is doing the same thing to the Seattle Seahawks. This story should provide Timotheos with some added emotion for Sunday’s game.


2 thoughts on “Skip Does His Thing

  1. What, more emotion than the fact that this is the biggest game in my football memory?

    Bayless forgets that the Seahawks have been playing with patched together defensive backs AND receivers most of the season. The sidebar has it right; the Washington game should have been a win. Besides that, it’s not like the Seahawks picked their schedule. They’ve done what they’ve had to do and all they have to do is continue taking care of their own business. Chip’s right about one thing: the Seahawks are going to knock his Panthers–yeah, THAT’s a consistent team!–out of the playoffs.


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