Should Homosexuals Play Missionaries?

Should a homosexual activist be allowed to play the part of a missionary in the upcoming movie End of the Spear? This guy says no. I’m inclined to say I don’t care, but why did Every Tribe Entertainment choose this actor, knowing his connections?
What do you think? Dr. Veith has this at Cranach.

[Thanks to Pastor Bob for the link]


4 thoughts on “Should Homosexuals Play Missionaries?

  1. If the director wants the actor to portray a homosexual missionary, does it matter if the actor is gay or not?

    Likewise if a homosexual actor correctly portrays a heterosexual missionary, does it distract from the context of the movie?

  2. Then I don’t think it matters. It all depends on the director and the actor, and how they choose to portray the missionary.

    There are a lot more gay actors and actresses than we think, we can rarely tell based soley on how they act on screen.

  3. I received “Chariots of Fire” for Christmas, and after watching the few extras that were included, I noticed that the actor who played Eric Liddel, Ian Charleson, had died (there was something along the lines of “in memory of…” on the screen at the end of one of the extras). So my curiousity was arroused and I went trowling the Web for more information. Charleson died in 1990 from AIDS and was homosexual. Does that diminish the impact of his portrial of Liddel in the movie? Does that tarnish the impact of the life of Liddel on others around the world who heard his witness before and during the 1924 Olymics, or who heard the Gospel from him as a missionary to China (where he died while on the mission field)? I don’t think so.

    One interesting fact about Charleson was that to prepare for the role of Liddel he read through the entire Bible. Was there any impact on his life from that exercise? One can only assume not, but we know not his heart, only his actions. Will playing the role of Nate Saint impact the actor’s life? Maybe, maybe not. Do we have a problem with Ian McKellen playing Gandalf (okay, maybe not a direct parallel to playing a historical character)? While I might agree with the writer being concerned with Every Tribe choosing a homosexual advocate to play the role of a Christian missionary, if the quality of acting points viewers to the character rather than the actor then God will work through this.

    Our society has become more confused and unable to seperate the character from the actor playing the character on the screen than we were when Chariots of Fire came out. What is interesting about all of this is that the actor in that movie who was/is Christian played the Jew (and later played other “bad” guy roles), Ben Cross.

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