Communion Fellowship: Thesis XII

If the heterodox themselves regard and declare it improper to commune with the orthodox, then it is so much the more disgraceful for the latter to surrender to the former their [Lord’s] Supper administered according to Christ’s institution” (C.F.W. Walther, “Communion Fellowship” in Essays for the Church: Volume I [St. Louis: Concordia, 1992], 226).


2 thoughts on “Communion Fellowship: Thesis XII

  1. Speaking from the Catholic side, I agree. I wouldn’t seek to share Lutheran communion, which I consider heterodox, any more than you would seek to share ours, which you likewise see as heterodox. It’s difficult to reconcile respect for brethren with whom we have fundamental disagreements with the insistence that we must pretend to agreement at the Eucharistic altar. Using intercommunion as a means to unity is approaching the goal from the wrong direction.

  2. Right on, Joel. The altar is an expression of fellowship and not a means by which to force a false fellowship. It’s just hard to communicate this idea in today’s culture.

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