Now This is Just Frightening

It always scares me a little when the Big Bad East jumps on the bandwagon [as of 9:00, Mike Holmgren’s smiling face is on the NFL frontpage] on behalf of a sports team from the Northwest. But Michael Smith’s column sends absolute shivers down my spine. That’s the thing about being a fan of Seattle sports. No matter what the record is (remember the Mariners’ 116-win season and then a complete, four-tire blowout in the playoffs?), no matter what the positive expectations (can you say, ‘I hate Al Harris’?), they always manage to find a way to let you down. (Come to think of it, it’s a lot like God’s grace; it’s got to be unconditional!)

13 wins, a first-round bye, and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs can give a fan a lot to be excited about–and a lot more to be scared about. The flinch-mechanism is in place; I hope I don’t have to use it. Here’s a good ol’ lift of my glass (Schlafly Coffee Stout) to proving Michael Smith right. This, however, is the best column on

(This weekend’s not quite the big game it looked like from September, is it Michael?)


2 thoughts on “Now This is Just Frightening

  1. No, the game is not that big. It may even look like an exhibition game. Enjoy the Seahawks’ run now. Maybe eight years from now, Hasselbeck will be talking retirement and Green Bay will be looking at another Super Bowl run. Until then, I like Holmgren (and you) so I will be rooting for Seattle.

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