Ah, Where Have You Gone, 16 Horsepower?

I wish they still made music. This article is from a few years ago. The best quote?

“I make my music for people who don’t believe in God,” declares Edwards, who plays guitar, banjo, hurdy-gurdy, and concertina on Sixteen Horsepower’s new Low Estate (A&M; in stores this Tuesday). “I think what I’m supposed to do is pretty much scare the shit outta people. And I really hope I do, because maybe that’s what they need.”

Man, if you can find Low Estate, or Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes, pick them up and pay for them. They are good. Then get Secret South. Then Folklore. You will not regret it. Then get the Woven Hand albums (specifically, Woven Hand and Consider the Birds. The others are the score for a Belgian dance company). Then wait semi-patiently for the next Woven Hand album.

Well, that’s what I’m doing, anyway.



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