2 thoughts on ““New York Liberals Heart Brokeback Mountain

  1. Do I get points if I guess. I’ve been calling it something else in my head since I heard of the movie. I think it may have been intentional. I’m guessing its a euphemism in the gay community for “Without Protection.”

  2. Having grown up in “the west” (including Wyoming for a time)… in can state that this movie is mostly liberal fantasy. Yes, people build strong relationships in these situations, but just because I really like and trust another guy as a personal friend doesn’t autmatically make us “gay”. If this is the case then 90% of the military is “gay”.

    Other thing, just as in any small town, in a rural area with light population everyone knows each other’s business and knows who’s sleeping with who anyway. Something like this story portrays could not happen without people figuring it out. And at the time this movie is portrayed this behavior would not have been accepted. These two “cowboys” would have been found out and sent on their merry way.

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