Rowan Williams “Immensely Encouraged”

There is no doubting Dr Williams’s sincere concern, but isn’t it sad that his protests – and those of most Western Christian leaders – are so muted? If you read the Acts of the Apostles, you see that Christianity spread, perhaps only survived at all, because its disciples travelled to teach it and risked their lives doing so. St Peter and St Paul were both martyred in the persecutions of Nero. How many people would have signed up to the faith if the two saints had instead professed themselves “immensely encouraged” by the protestations of a few Roman senators that all this crucifixion business was going a bit too far, and sailed back home to Judaea?

Apparently the Archbishop finds it necessary to make his bows to the dominant form of cultural correctness in this decade. Am I surprised? No. But it is heartening to see an opposing opinion piece coming from The Telegraph. Thank you Charles Moore.


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