Good Music Lucky Thirteen

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1. Emery, The Question. This is at the top of my list for 2005. Original, catchy, songwrit-y. Try the song “Studying Politics”–can’t get it out of my head. Their The Weak’s End is excellent as well.

2. John Michael Talbot, Chant from the Hermitage. I don’t own this, but I’ve taken it out a couple times from the library. This is the stuff of saints and angels.

3. Nodes of Ranvier, The Years to Come. It’s good, it’s hard, it’s rock. The self-titled one is still my favorite hard music cd. There’s a video here. Melodic. Hard. Core.

Don’t forget Christmas music. My list has not changed from this.



“There is a tendency to talk of all sorts of ministers in the church: youth ministers, music ministers, ministers of compassion, and ministers of stewardship. I knew a pastor who once told me he had a ‘ministry of presence’ in that he was simply ‘there’ for the people of his church. Actually, there is one ministry and one office of the ministry. That ministry is to preach Christ and to administer His Sacraments” (Klemet Preus, The Fire and the Staff: Lutheran Theology in Practice [St. Louis: CPH, 2004], 93).