Everyone’s an Expert

Why is it that when it comes to the Bible and Christianity, everyone’s an expert? Imagine if we allowed the same thing in medicine, law, or science. The EAE Syndrome gets worse at Christmas.

The Kansas City Star is tired of the culture wars being fought during “the holidays.” Everyone’s mad, they say.

This is America, where the Constitution protects freedom of religion, favors separation of church and state and guarantees the right of every citizen to take offense, complain, boycott and sue.

But the Christmas controversies do raise the possibility that, in the rush to be aggrieved, we’ll forget the age-old message of the season:

Peace on earth, good will toward men.

And — before anyone else gets offended — women, too.

Better be careful, something in this passage comes from a non-generic religious tradition. Well, something like it, at least.

The message of “the season” has never been “peace on earth, good will toward men (or women).” That’s the bastardized version. What’s the real Message? “Glory in the highest places to God; and upon the earth peace among men, [namely,] the favored [by God] ones” (Luke 2:14, Timotheos’ Literal Translation). It is impossible to separate the glory given to God and the peace upon the earth; peace, let us be clear, that belongs only to those who are favored by God. (The question begged is, who are they?) Further, as every Christian knows, these words are sung by angels announcing the birth of Christ. So if the Kansas City Star‘s editors really want peace and good will, they might do well to consider how those might actually be gained (hint: it’s not in “just getting along”).