What About the Holy Family?

[This, via Bunnie and Worldmagblog]
“It’s more than being family-friendly. It’s being lifestyle-friendly for people who are just very, very busy.” [For that, there’s this.]

“Lifestyle-friendly”? Who coined that ridiculous piece of neology? Hey, while we’re at it, let’s just stop having church at all. People are just “very, very busy.” I’ve seen or heard about something similar in LC-MS churches: Holy Communion makes the service go half an hour longer, so let’s drop pieces or modify in order to streamline things. God forbid we should drop something like the children’s “sermon.” No, we need to feel good about providing something “for the kids” but when it comes to the Gifts of the Lord, we don’t have enough time. Since when do Lutherans begrudge Jesus His forgiveness? Alright, Jesus, that’s enough good news for today; we’re in a hurry.

And now our families are more important than the Holy Family and the Holy Child, Jesus. Instead of holy substance, we settle for wholly sentimental. I’m not for a holy day of obligation, a la Rome, but when the recalcitrant donkey (as opposed to the Talking Donkey) of the self-absorbed, old nature rears its head, it might need some obligation to wear it down.

Interesting, isn’t it, that some evangelicals are upset, not with missing church on Christmas, but missing church on Sunday. Of course, that’s not nearly as bad as the always-innovative Methodists and their “blessing of materialism–” uh, “toys.”

I should say that my vicarage congregation had their major service at 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve, and I have no problem with having services on Christmas Eve only. My problem is with the near-idolatrous motivation for not having church. “You’re talking about a lot of volunteers and a lot of logistics to make Sunday happen in a lot of those megachurches,” [Bill Turner] said. By the end of Saturday’s services, “you’re pretty well wrung out.” Another reason to dislike megachurches. Come to think of it, can anyone give me a good reason for megachurches, other than they’re, um, “mega”?

I guess you just can’t stop the “enculturation” of Christ’s Church…can you?


4 thoughts on “What About the Holy Family?

  1. The reasoning here is ridiculous: Many Christians view Christmas as a holiday and not a holy-day, and, well, I guess we’re ok with that… (mega church pastor)

    I suppose if you’re just going to go to church for a “teaching” or a “life-lesson” or for singing a bunch of “traditional” (which you probably hate) Christmas songs, then why bother packing the kids in the car.

  2. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read about the “blessing of the toys.” Completely absurd. All this modern crap is making me sick. Well, I suppose it’s been around for a while, but still…

  3. Speaking as an LC-MS member, (I’m not offended, btw), just reflecting that it’s not just LC-MS Lutheran Churches considering foolish changes. It is also not a Synod driven issue anymore than in any other Synod.

    But, the mentality that leads groups to decide they can take a short-cut “just this once”… thus setting a precedent for tempting more short-cuts in the future.

    In my church, these kinds of changes (no church on Christmas, or changing Holy Communion) would cause a major scandal. So, while it is hard for me to believe and accept that others would do these things, I can see how it falls into the pattern of the secularization impacting all churches.


  4. On a Tangent:

    Wife was talking just the other day about the efforts to eliminate Jesus and Nativity scenes from public Christmas displays.

    She said: “You know, it’s like someone throwing you a big birthday celebration but then not inviting you to the party.”

    She comes up with some pretty wise stuff sometimes. Just thought I would pass it along.

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