2 thoughts on “Beware of the Blog!

  1. He may have free speech, but he blew it on this one! Every word I write is filtered through this: What if __________ read this post? It solves problems before they start. Once in a while, I indulge in a fantasy post that I post to my own mind (boss, kids, husband, coworkers…) Then I feel guilty, ask for forgiveness and give thanks that I never posted it.

  2. And, in a similar situation, we see a university department chair resigning his chairmanship position as a result of doing almost the same thing.

    Research the current controversy with Prof. Mireki here at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence.

    And also a main reason I blog under a pseudonym.

    Many of my confessional evangelical religous opinions are listed as offensive in light of the otherwise “politically correct” standards set here at K.U. And I could be sanctioned should I offend the wrong liberal atheist. And, even anonymously, I’m still very cautious about what I write.

    (Blogging like this gives me a way to vent my frustrations of being a conservative Christian working at a liberal Secular institution.)

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