NFL and Bible Study


Occasionally, I still read some news on a professional football team, the Green Bay Packers. One recent story concerning rookie running back Samkon Gado’s friendly relationship with defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila caught my attention. In the news piece, the writer provides details regarding a Bible study that the two teammates attend weekly with some other Packers.

“[Samkon] Gado regularly attends Wednesday night bible study sessions at [Kabeer]Gbaja-Biamila’s house, which includes Aaron Kampman, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Dendy, Adrian Klemm, Ryan Longwell, Donald Driver, Brady Poppinga and Mark Tauscher.”

The thing that surprised me was the attendance of rookie linebacker Brady Poppinga. Based on other background information, it is well-known that Gbaja-Biamila and some of those other Bible study attendees confess the Christian faith. Yet, Poppinga attended Brigham Young University and considers himself to be a Mormon. The Packer website, in Poppinga’s biographical information, says, “[Brady Poppinga] enters the NFL older than most rookies after spending two years on a Mormon mission in Uruguay prior to going to college.”

I want to attend this Bible study and see what is discussed. I mean, we know that Mormons more and more attempt to be considered the true Christians. But how do these group of players participate in this Bible study without getting into some debates over Christology? Maybe they do, but I am concerned that this Bible study, like many others around the country, avoids the Scriptures’ central figure, Jesus Christ, and instead discusses “my walk” in life. We pray for the Spirit’s work in that Bible study.