After spending a week at Walt Disney World watching parents interact with rowdy children, I wondered how I would deal with such children. I am not a parent yet, so I have no first-hand experience.


Obviously, raising children is not a simple thing, but there have to be some things that good parents keep in mind when confronted with their own sin and the sin of their children. Also, what forms of discipline do you find to be the most effective and honorable for a parent?


One thought on “Discipline

  1. I’ve been a parent for almost 14 years. We spanked our children up until they were about 10 or so for certain things, primarily willful disobedience. For childish mistakes we usually found consequences more directly related to their mistake. There are some really creative ways to discipline them from that age on. One of my favorite “techniques” if you will is to ask, “If you were the parent of a child that did this, what would you do to punish that child?” My kids usually say “I’d spank them” or “I’d ground them from video games” or something like that and we usually say, “Okay, I think that is wise and that’s how I’m going to punish you for this.”

    My parents used to tell me that we were too hard on our kids, I think it pays to be firm and consistent, but most of all loving.

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