Communion Fellowship: Thesis IV

“Everyone is obligated to avoid heterodox churches, and if one belongs to one like that, he is obligated to renounce it and leave it” (C.F.W. Walther, “Communion Fellowship” in Essays for the Church: Volume I [St. Louis: Concordia, 1992], 210).


4 thoughts on “Communion Fellowship: Thesis IV

  1. I’ve been following this series, and I’m going to ask you the question I asked my Pastor: If a pastor confuses Law and Gospel is he preaching the Word of God purely?

  2. Mutti:

    I suppose he is not. Of course, only by God’s grace does a pastor preach the Word of God purely. We continue to pray for our pastors that they may do such a noble thing.

  3. I’m sure even the best pastors catch themselves making that mistake on occasion.
    I’ve got another question:
    Is it heterodox (or just bad practice) to allow members of other denominations to commune in a LCMS church? I’ve personally seen ELCAs and Episcopals that were attending the “Adult Instruction” class (no, Luther’s Small Catechism wasn’t used) that were allowed to commune so that they wouldn’t get their feelings hurt and leave. Do you think that is reason enough to leave a congregation?

  4. Interesting question. At the very least, I think that if one was in such a congregation, the responsibility is first to talk to the pastor about the practice. If he sees nothing wrong with it, that might be a reason to leave, if not immediately, eventually.


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