Here We Come Walt Disney World!


My family is planning to meet in Orlando, FL, tomorrow for the beginning of a week-long vacation. We plan to stay at one of the resorts in the Disney complex. For those of you who have been there recently, any suggestions? Tips?


7 thoughts on “Here We Come Walt Disney World!

  1. You picked a good time of year to go! We had the most fun there two weeks before Christmas. If you have young children it is fun to go to one of the character breakfasts.

  2. Suggestion… get Snow White’s phone number. Other than that I really don’t know, last time I was at Disney Land (in CA) I was 8, and since then they’ve torn out my favorite ride: Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.

  3. Good call staying on the resort; they’ll let you into the park an hour early.

    If they still have the Alien Encounter by George Lucas, that was a waste. Space Mountain is supposed to have been redone. Do not go into It’s a Small World unless you want to sing that goofy song for the rest of the day. 🙂

    Oh, and don’t tally up the cost of everything as you’re going along. It will drive you to misery. 🙂

  4. Master the Art of the FastPass. Those things are gold! When you come to a ride with a long wait, just find the FastPass machines for that ride, and stick your park entry passes into the slot. You’ll get a FastPass that allows you to get right on, sometime later in the day. So, for example, if Space Mountain’s line is an hour, you can get a FastPass. The FastPass will tell you to return “between 1 p.m. and 2:20 p.m.,” or something like that. (In reality, as long as you return after 1 p.m., you can use the FastPass anytime. They’re good for the rest of the day.) So then, while you wait for your FastPass to mature, you go ride something else with a shorter line, or eat lunch, or whatever else you need to do. We were able to ride everything we wanted, and ride the really cool stuff twice — and that was in the middle of the busy season.

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