A Vomit Moment

reading this.

“Most church organizations would not give me names and e-mail addresses for their clergy,” [Ignacio Castuera] said. “There were many organizations, both denominational and ecumenical, that didn’t want to get involved.”

Castuera, a United Methodist minister from the Watts section of Los Angeles and the first Planned Parenthood national chaplain, wasn’t surprised.

“The closer Jesus got to the cross, the smaller the crowds got,” the chaplain said. “This is pretty close to the cross because people have to take derision, ostracism, all that.”

Amazing, isn’t it, that more clergy didn’t want to go? I mean, how obsolete do one’s beliefs have to be if they don’t allow support of Planned Parenthood’s scorched-earth policy with respect to the unborn?


One thought on “A Vomit Moment

  1. This was the most telling quote from that “chaplain:”

    Castuera’s position on abortion: “It’s always a tragedy,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a sin.”

    Just in case no one else read the article. PP slaughtered 244,628 children in 2003, countless more if you include some of their “contraceptives.”

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