Book of Concord

Have you purchased the Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord, published by Concordia Publishing House? If you have, any initial thoughts regarding the work?


5 thoughts on “Book of Concord

  1. Yes, Vicar Michael, we have bought the Reader’s Edition of the BOC. Our church, Immanuel Ev. LCMS, bought a whole bunch at the discounted price. It’s beautiful work. It has woodcuts, colored pictures, and a timeline to help the reader as they work through the various documents, the Augustana, the Apology, both large and small catechisms, Formula of Concord, etc. It has a well done hard cover with the Lutheran seal.

    MOF, this Sunday at the Sunday School hour, our pastor, Kung Fu Master Allen C. Hoger, will teach us how to use it for our families. I can’t wait.

  2. I have had it since this summer. I love it. It is set-up really well to read through it. I would recommend it to anyone. Especially for people who don’t know anything about the confessions.

  3. It’s great, especially if it gets the laity reading the Confessions. My wife and I use it for our evening devotions. We love it.

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