Lutherans and Contraception

It’s come up on BsA before, for example here, so if you’re interested in a new blog about it, go here.

By the way, on the post of mine referenced, let me just be clear: more and more, I dislike the idea of artificial birth control. I believe one of God’s primary purposes for marriage is children. My only remaining question is, does God require that we not use our sense (the uncommon kind, that is) in deciding whether the present time is the best time to have children? Of course, that only works as long as the particular birth control you use is not an abortifacient (which, I know, can happen with the Pill). Anyway, read the blog and discuss.



2 thoughts on “Lutherans and Contraception

  1. That’s kind of like saying “Are you wrong or just stupid?” I think abortion is the real equivalent to saying “no” to God’s blessing of children.


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