Every Knee Shall Bow at the Name of ….

I just turned on the television, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” was on. The words “holy,” “divine,” “God,” and “see what God does” rang in my ears. Oh, I forgot, I also heard the name “Oprah.” But the show was not about Jesus Christ, but instead it was about the 20th anniversary of the movie, “The Color Purple.” I guess I forgot how important that movie was in the history of the world.

3 thoughts on “Every Knee Shall Bow at the Name of ….

  1. No, the referent was the movie itself. Winfrey called it a “divine thing.” However, when Oprah made a surprise appearance to the cast members of the new musical “The Color Purple,” it seemed as if they thought Winfrey was also divine.

  2. Funny that you caught that show also. As she said those words, I thought about how people were using the word “blasphemous” regarding (the interpretation of) what Pat Robertson said this week about Dover and yet they wouldn’t say that Oprah was being blasphemous.

    Also, my husband was home early today and watched the show with me (I watch once a week or so). I grew embarrassed as he sat stunned at the women appearing to worship Oprah. I caught myself trying to excuse it, but then realized that what he was seeing was pretty close to worship. I almost felt irresponsbile for watching the show, but he knows I am a critic of her show.

    One other thing I need to find out is if the two women at the end of the musical are in a love affair and are attributing their found love to God, because that is what it appeared to be. I remember such a scene from the movie.

    Thanks for posting on this!

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