What Are They Scared Of?

So the Kansas State Board of Education voted 6-4 to do what, I don’t exactly know. This sentence in the story doesn’t help: “The board’s 6-4 vote, expected for months, was a victory for intelligent design advocates who helped draft the standards and argued the changes would make teaching about evolution more balanced and expose studels teach science.” Sorry, what was that last part? “expose studels teach science”? I think Fox News has a bug.

Anyway, the supporters say that this will open the way for academic freedom. The opponents say it makes Kansas a “laughing stock.” I guess academic freedom only goes when it’s freedom to tell students about oral sex and how AmeriKKKa is the worst nation ever to mar the surface of the earth.

I guess my real question is, what can these scientists really be afraid of? First, they should stop saying that this is creationism in a new package. It’s clearly not, although traditional “creationists” support it. ID is about as monolithic as the Episcopalian Church. So maybe they’re afraid they won’t be able to say stupid things like that anymore? Or, maybe they’re afraid that they won’t be able to extrapolate their ideological theories about the origins of the universe from what science has truly proven? See, origins cannot, by their very definition, be proven. That’s the whole point: they only happened once. But that won’t stop the materialists from dogmatically telling everyone else what went on long before their gods ever existed.

Or (and this is my guess), they have a simply irrational fear of anything that hints of religion or god or God. There’s no actual reason why they don’t want critical thinking associated with their pet dogmas, but they are very sure that they don’t want that camel to get its nose in the door.

Well, seems that the camel isn’t going to go away if you just ignore it or call it names or make snide jokes to the other members of the sciengentsia. In fact, they might have to actually make rational arguments, rather than waving dismissive hands. Hey, wait a minute; isn’t that what education is supposed to be about? Hmm..