[Via Bunnie, via Amor et Labor]

Put an E next to those issues (whatever your position) for which you would Die.
Put a BE next to those items for which you would Divide.
Put an A next to those items that are okay to disagree about.

Trinity: E
Divinity of Jesus: E
Literal Resurrection: E
Full Humanity of Jesus: E
Nature of the Lord’s Supper: E
Common Cup: A
Justification: E
Sanctification: E
Intinction: A
Disposable Cups at Communion: A, but I want to know how one is disposing of them
Nature of Baptism: E
Age of Baptism: E
Mode of Baptism (sprinkling or dunking): I’ll just repeat Bunnie’s comment: “If people insist on a certain formula, I believe that is wrong so BE”
Necessity of Holy Spirit Baptism: BE, but that happens at water baptism
Ordination of Women: BE
Ordination of Homosexual people: BE
Sacramental Marriage: A
Virgin birth: E
Perpetual virginity of Mary: A
Authority of Scripture: Not sure; would I die for the fact that the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God? Yes, but only because the doctrine really confesses the inerrant and inspired incarnate Word of God, Jesus
Authority of Tradition: BE
Inerrancy of Scripture: E; but see above
Use of Images in worship: A
Contemporary music in worship: Nonsense question; all music used in worship is contemporary. We’re using it now, aren’t we?
Specific translation of Scripture: A; but I really like ESV!
Baptismal Regeneration: E
Decisional Regeneration: E–that we don’t do it
Supralapsarianism/Infralapsariansim (order of decrees): BE; The Fall was neither God’s original purpose; nor was Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection a plan B. Of course, I may not be understanding the Calvinist doctrine on either side correctly.
Human nature after the Fall: E
Nature of the Atonement: E
One Person, two Natures: E
The Filioque: Okay to disagree about? Maybe. I’m convinced Scripture teaches “and from the Son,” but the main division between the churches does not like here.
Church Membership for Practicing Homosexual people: BE
Rapture: BE
Millennium: BE
Primacy of the Word: E
Beer: A; but beer is a good gift of God
Dancing: A; yo no bailo
Playing Cards: A
Swearing: A; unless it involves God’s Name: E
Premarital Sex: BE
Postmarital Sex: BE; who doesn’t believe you should have sex with your wife (or husband)?
Healing continues: A
Tongues continue: A
Literal Hell: E
Literal Devil: E
The Rapture: BE
Apocrypha (inclusion in Canon): A
James (inclusion in Canon): A
Revelation (inclusion in Canon): A; but I think Luther was wrong about this one–ask Dr. Brighton!
Private Confession: BE; among Lutherans? They should do it.
Burial versus Cremation: A
Divorce: BE
Entire Sanctification: BE