Make Them Pay

Now that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination, it is time for the President to nominate someone who cannot be criticized the way Miers was. Someone who has a solid record, someone with a mind like John Roberts, and the wit to defend him/herself. Frankly, I will know the next nominee is good if the Big Three (Schumer, Biden, and Kennedy) get angry. They believe that they represent the mainstream of American thought on this issue, and it will simply be a beautiful thing to see them self-destruct against a competent nominee. This is not only about who actually takes a seat on the bench. This is also about making the Left wing say what they actually think. They came close against Roberts, but just imagine if the nominee were African American or Hispanic. I guarantee that the rhetoric would edge dangerously close to racism.

I think the President is on the edge of great success. Iraq has a constitution; the terrorists in that country are blowing themselves up; gas prices are going down; the economy is getting better. Now, a hardcore conservative will only solidify his reputation. Mr. President, make the Democratic senators take a stand–and, having taken that stand, fall.


10 thoughts on “Make Them Pay

  1. What I can’t help wondering is if this whole Miers thing was actually a ploy to muffle the left’s guffaw. It’s like calling multiple “huts” before a hike to draw the defense off-sides or get them to give away their strategy. Maybe Bush isn’t that smart. Maybe he’s got people working for him who are. Maybe he is that smart. It’s just awfully convenient–and I like it.

    Meanwhile, shouldn’t I be studying for a test on translating 1/3 of Exodus tomorrow? Well, not a full 1/3, more like a chapter…but still…(sigh)

  2. What about Bork? Has any nominee that has been turned down in the past ever been renominateed? I do believe such a nomination would have the democtric triple threat changing their pants.

  3. Pretty old. He was nominated by Regean in ’87 but got lambasted by the left. He’d be a short stay on the court. But if Bush could find someone like Bork.

  4. Not yet. The quarter is in full swing–more like full revolution–and I’ve only gotten to the Public Square/While We’re At It sections.


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