Hey, Honesty’s Something

[via Bunnie Diehl] You know, there’s only so much you can say to a person who is foaming at the mouth to say something that doesn’t make any sense.

You could argue, but, clearly, that would not do any good. You could engage in a pissing contest over whose religion has killed more people in the history of the world: mine (Christianity) or his (militant atheism–Communism, anyone?). Not worth it. You could refute the more ridiculous assertions, such as believing in Christ in order to gain power(!), but apparently the trump card is the President. On the other hand, we could just wait for the ADL and multiple Islamic organizations to sue him. (I mean, how many people can call future Muslims “blithering idiots” and get away with it?) Someone must read his column; he has 362 comments. Think it’s not mainstream? Live in the U.K.

But everyone needs a little light-hearted entertainment once in a while. My favorite part is the whole “I hate the people who think they have the truth; let me tell you the truth” part. Irony must have gotten lost somewhere on the evolutionary trail.

Reminds me of one of the best-named cds in the last year: “No, sir, Nihilism is not practical.



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