“Church Growth New Testament Style”

[Dr. Henry P. Hamann, “The Translation of Ephesians 4:12–A Necessary Revision,” Concordia Journal 14(1) (Jan., 1988), p. 49 (the whole article is good):]

If a pastor aims at a congregation whose members live by faith active in love–which is the only thing that finally counts in Christ Jesus (Gal. 5:6), and if he were sure that all his flock were doing just that, there would be no need at all for any further organization in his congregation beyond the barest minimum for the sake of order. There would be no stewardship and evangelism committees, no frantic searching and scratching of heads, so that every member in the congregation would have something to do, no elaborate programs to show that everybody keeps busy in some spiritual activity. But there would be a mighty spiritual, churchly movement, as all members of the congregation would live their free lives of faith, loving their fellowmen and serving them in freedom, heedless of self, as the whole body of Christ would grow and build itself up in love, each part doing its work. And that mighty spiritual movement would exert a tremendous attraction on the unbelieving world, as the Holy Spirit would, through it and the preached Word of the Gospel, add to the church daily those who were to be saved.


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