The Gift of Children

“Offspring convert us; they force us to become different beings. There is no way to prepare for them completely. They crash into our lives, they soil their diapers, they upset all our comfortable arrangements, and nobody knows how they will turn out. Willy-nilly, they knock us out of our complacent habits and force us to live outside ourselves; they are the necessary and natural continuation of that shock to our egotism which is initiated by marriage itself. To receive this great blessing requires courage. But any so-called intimacy which is deliberately closed to new life eventually becomes a mere collaboration in selfishness” (J. Budziszewski, What We Can’t Not Know [Dallas: Spence Publishing Company, 2003], 92).

New Link

Just want to make sure that everyone sees my new favorite pol-tirical blog, BlameBush!, “Because Bush is to Blame for Everything.” Plus, much of the insanity comes my childhood home, the “great” state of Washington (motto: “Where anyone/thing can have sex with anyone/thing and criminals elect governors!”).
This one is especially good.


More O Kingly Love

This day we raise our song of praise,
adoring thee,
that in the days when alien sound had all but
drowned thine ancient, true and constant
Thy mighty hand did make a trumpet none
could silence or mistake;
thy living breath did blow for all the world to
hear, living and clear:

The feast is ready. Come to the feast,
the good and the bad. Come and be glad!
Greatest and least, come to the feast!*

(To be Continued)
*Text: Martin H. Franzman, 1907-76
*Tune: Richard Hillert