We received the following comment from someone named “clare” regarding a post from half a year ago. You see if it makes any sense: “Who cares what oprah says about carter. You know you think he’s hot and youre just sad you can’t meet him. so F U.” At least she refrained from using the more explicit form.



In the debate over the use of birth control (is there one?), proponents for inhibiting life will often relay concern for the world’s inability to support more people. Yet, in this week’s WORLD, the problem of overpopulation seems far away. In France, the government is actually willing to pay couples who have a third child. (One of the parents must take a one-year unpaid leave of absence to care for the child in order to receive the $916 monthly stipend.) But the fertility in France (1.9 children) is even higher than some other countries in the European Union. Greece, Italy, and Spain remain between 1.3-1.4.