Keeping Up With the Times (or: More Irony)

From this article:

When some college students think of church, they think of endless sermons, ancient hymns and weekly recitation of creeds and prayers. To them, the environment is too formal, too traditional and does not keep up with the times. Those opinions are what drive 57-year-old University alumnus Happy Leman to make his church as contemporary as possible.

Actually, ironically, “keeping up with the times” will guarantee that you will not keep up with the times. Songs, readings, congregational speaking–all of those things, if attuned to rapidly changing feelings and the cultural zeitgeist, will be quickly headed the way of all flesh. The only things that last–beyond generations, trends, fads, likes and dislikes–are the very things that have lasted. What things are those? Ancient hymns, creeds, prayers, and sermons grounded in the “antique” teaching of the Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ. It is not automatically true that just because someone sees something as useless, that it is useless. I refer you here.

It is only the timeless things that are able to adapt to changing times.



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