Flag Football

Without scheming or cajoling, Timotheos and I somehow made our way onto the same intramural team. Our flag football team remains undefeated at 2-0. So far, the Balaam’s Ass boys are key players in a staunch defense. They don’t know whom they are messing with. It should be a fun year.

Do you have any memorable intramural experiences?

4 thoughts on “Flag Football

  1. I remember losing in the season opener to your defense by a mere 21-19 margin. I also remember knocking off the season’s pick for #2 in a hard fought battle yesterday. I’m afraid you still need to beat them, and it won’t be easy. Do I see a three way tie for first going into the playoffs? Maybe “Balaam” could prophesy for us…:)

  2. Othniel:

    We have not played your team yet. And, I think we gave up one touchdown in our first game. So I don’t know whom you played in the first game. But I see that you take this seriously, so it shall be fun.

  3. I’m holding out for a better contract… Actually I’m waiting for some of the more “strenuous” sports like 1 on 1 foosball, billiards, and (hopefully they’ll add this one this year) koob.

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