Resorting to Intimidation

Lest they not be allowed to put their names on a “marriage” certificate together, Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff are putting on the internet the names of every person who signs the petition to to ban homosexual “marriages” and “civil” “unions” in Massachusetts. No doubt they were completely in favor of the website indicating which abortion doctors had been killed or maimed.

Not only do they post their names, but also their addresses! I am also sure they’re in favor of posting pedophiles’ addresses on the internet. I wish I lived in Massachusetts, so I could get my name on the list. I think they are right about one thing: if people support something, they should be willing to put their names out in the public eye. However, I’m not sure I’d want my address listed. Can you own guns in Massachusetts for reasons of personal defense?

The talking points are good. #1: “We hurt our economy by putting up barriers to strong families in MA. Marriage strengthens families. And when families are strong, communities are too. Both are fundamental to economic prosperity.”

Does marriage strengthen families? Of course. If families are strong, are communities strong? Of course. But you’ve got to have a marriage and a family for that to be true. Homosexual unions provide neither. By definition–let’s be clear–by definition, it cannot be called marriage. Whatever else homosexuals might call themselves when they live in the same house and engage in sex-like acts, it is not marriage. Further, whoever might live in the house, it cannot be called a family. Having children living in the house is irrelevant. Families consist of one mother, one father, and however many children. Whether a married man and woman can have children biologically is also irrelevant. They can still truly engage in actions by which children would otherwise result. Homosexual couples–again, by definition–cannot engage in those marital actions.

But all you need is love, right?

By the way, if anyone who reads this blog lives in Massachusetts and signs the petition, let influential bloggers (unlike BsA!) know, and soon you’ll have Rush and Hannity all over it. That should start a firestorm of signing this petition. Can you say ‘backfire’?



2 thoughts on “Resorting to Intimidation

  1. Didn’t some group get on the case of some “ultra-right” people listing names of MDs that perform abortions on the internet, along with their addresses?

  2. Oh, just for good measure: My name is Ben Francisco, you can find me on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Missouri. And I oppose same-sex marriage.

    So here’s a question: If a gay mob with torches and pitch forks shows up on my door, drags me outside and murder me, will they be charged with a hate crime? Or will they be able to skirt the charge since the minority cannot ‘hate’ the majority?

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