Some might wonder why not much has been said on this blog concerning the hurricane. At this early moment, not much can be said except, help how you can, and pray that the people of the Gulf Coast may know true Peace, which is not the peace of material possessions or comforts. It may be trite, but I’ve always kind of appreciated the bumper sticker, “No Jesus, no peace; know Jesus, know peace.” And read Pastor Matthew Harrison’s press release on behalf of LCMS World Relief, via Bunnie Diehl.

I think it is premature to make extensive comment, but perhaps BsA readers would offer their comments on the perennial theodicy question. (Hint: slightly facetious question. Theodicy is never the correct answer!)


7 thoughts on “Katrina

  1. We must all be in prayer for these people. My inclination is to “go” and “do something” knowing that this isn’t necessarily wise. Does anyone know, first hand, what LWF is doing?

    However, concerning the reporting of this event: Has anyone noted the rampant need to find someone to blame?

    While watching BBC world news last night, my wife and I noted that there is also this recurring idea that human ingenuity can overcome anything. “If only we would have…” It is as if the modern world is convinced that we are far too advanced for such disasters to happen–at least to us.

    Perhaps I do not recall, but was there this kind of hand-ringing (aside from the desire for early-detection systems) over the Tsunami?

  2. The theme of “I can’t believe that Americans on American soil had to endure such treatment during the hurricane” was ongoing. I have a hard time watching Oprah and other shows and celebs bring their film crews to sites of massive destruction, they claim they are only coming to bring the news, to help promote the relief effort, but usually to put their face out there. There are a few exceptions. Oh, almost forgot this one, there were a few comments made, if we were white this would not have a happened.

    Al Sharpton was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about the Kanye West remarks.

  3. Excellent point, Rob. Maybe instead of “blaming” every governmental agency and every leader, maybe we should “blame” God! While not correct (since God is not the cause of evil), at least then we’re getting closer to the One who is in control of all things, including our salvation or damnation.


  4. Tim, God is the cause of evil. Evil is in the universe, and God created the universe and all that is in it. pretty simple really. Further, if you read your bible you will find that God is the author of evil (Isaiah 45:7, Amos 3:6). pretty useless to keep talking about evil and not at least admit God created evil.

  5. kanugalihi,
    You would be correct if, and only if, the following were true: first, if the “all” that is in the universe today is exactly the same as the “all” that was in the universe when God created it; second, if “calamity” (as the NASB has it) is identical and coterminous with evil. Not necessarily so. What appears to be evil to finite humans is not necessarily evil from the perspective of the infinite God. I suggest your premises are flawed (not least of which is your screen name).


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