SCOTUS Nominations

Here is NRO’s blog on the Supreme Court, as well as SCOTUSblog.

Obviously, now that the President has nominated Judge Roberts [press release here] for the Chief Justice position, the question is, who will be picked to fill the role for which Roberts was originally nominated?

As long as it is someone who will uphold the Constitution as written, and not how “international law” or “changing norms” would have it. Looking forward to Roberts’ confirmation hearings.

UPDATE: Confirmation hearings will begin next Monday. Watch them on C-SPAN.


One thought on “SCOTUS Nominations

  1. A publicly known pro-life nominee is a must if the GOP doesn’t want to be declared DOA at the ballot box.

    The seditious demonrats will launch an apoplectic tirade, but they can choke on their own vomit.

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