5 thoughts on “One More For Today…

  1. So, do you think they put a copy of the Greek and Hebrew or a translation? And if a translation, which one? I can see it now…one of the homes has foundation problems, as they tear down and rebuild, they find the Bible. Then one of the contractors exclaims, “Well there’s the problem, they used a paraphrase.”

  2. “‘Chills just went up me,’ said Williams, whose family moved into the home in April. ‘The beauty of that. When we heard that, it was just confirmation, more than anything'”

    Give me a break. These poor people. I pray that the home is indeed suitible, and that they have not been scammed in the name of “the Bible.”

  3. So when they sell it, what do they do? If the Bible is a KJV, would it conflict with the upside-down St. Joseph statue buried in the yard? Or can you get it with an optional (and more compatible) Douay-Rheims instead?

    What about if a Jewish family buys the house? Should they crack open the foundation and take out the NT with a razor blade? And if it’s Mormons, would the foundation even have enough space for all their scriptures? The possibilities are endless.

  4. Laughter aside, how much more medieval (relics!) and pharisaical (little scrolls of Scripture tied to your forearm and forehead–forgive me the failure to remember the term) can you get? But it’s really summed up in the Oltseen [sic]/Warrenesqe, glory theology statement behind it all:

    “We do it more for us than anything else,” quote the builders.

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