Baby Charlotte: Remarkably Improved, But Still Condemned to Die

[Previous entries on Charlotte here and here.]

Baby Charlotte was thought to be “blind, deaf, severely disabled and with only a 5% chance of surviving the winter,” “[b]ut this month, it is said Charlotte can see and hear and show enjoyment when she is bathed or tickled.” “Doctors said she was in constant pain and derived no pleasure from life.” [I have to wonder again, did they ask her? How could the doctors possibly know whether she “derived…pleasure from life”?] Not only that, but a lawyer(!) says, “She will still suffer terrible indignity and pain if ventilated.” She will suffer “terrible indignity”? So that’s what it’s come to, when babies are to be starved lest they suffer “terrible indignity,” whatever the … that means.

The parents have lost this round of appeals, but there is hope. According to the article, much has changed in the last few months:

Then Doctors described her as “slowly dying” with a 5% chance survival of the winter

Now Going home “could happen in the future”

Then Constant pain

Now Pain free most of the time

Then No smiling and she derived no pleasure from life

Now Enjoys her bath and being tickled

Then Could not see, no evidence she was visually aware

Now Looks at a toy above her head and derives pleasure from following objects in front of her

Then No sense of sound

Now May well have relatively good hearing

Then Made no deliberate actions

Now It is believed she attempted to hold a bauble

Then No head growth, length or weight increase

Now Head has grown a few millimetres and she has gained weight and length equivalent of 10 weeks in age over 12 weeks

Then Quality of life described as “terrible… dominated by pain and suffering”

Now “A better quality of life”

One thing has not changed: the prayer. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison!



4 thoughts on “Baby Charlotte: Remarkably Improved, But Still Condemned to Die

  1. It’s interesting that all doctors take the Hippocratic Oath in which they pledge to do everything within their power to save lives, yet these doctors went to court to alleviate themselves of that responsibility. Why would anyone want a doctor that demands a court order to take away his obligation as a doctor? These doctors are not only terrible human beings, they’re terrible doctors!! This really pisses me off.


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