See, the World Hasn’t Ended

The editorial board at the Boston Globe should have just written, “We told you so!” I mean, how can you argue with the facts? It has already been fifteen months since the first homosexual “marriage,” and fireballs have not rained down on Massachusetts. “Fifteen months after the first gay marriages were performed in Massachusetts, opponents still insist that they somehow undermine society.” Can you believe it? It’s been over a year, for pity’s sake!

Here’s the rub:

LISTING SAME-SEX marriages and commitment ceremonies in the traditional “Weddings” pages of newspapers was controversial when it began a few years ago. But anyone reading about the gay couples in the newspaper cannot help but see how utterly ordinary they are — or should be. …
The stories of the gay marriages already happening are simply tales of commitment, hope, and love. They are not even a reason to stop the presses.

And that’s that. The revolution is over, and the Enlightened have won. Ordinary. Normal. Just like the rest of “us.” What could you possibly have against two people going on vacation, owning a house, having two dogs and a cat, and adopting children? You poor, ignorant bigot.

This is the very reason why Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Will and Grace, Ellen Degeneres, and so many others are not simply innocuous entertainment. Sure it goes deeper than just homosexuals on TV. Adultery, fornication, and divorce have been commonplace on TV for so long now that it no longer fazes us. In fact, it is almost shocking and certainly refreshing when two faithfully married people are in a bed together.

Excepting leads to excusing leads to accepting leads to “blessing.”


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