Working Together in Disaster Relief

Bunnie Diehl has a post from a week ago on cooperation between the LCMS and the elcA in helping people who are affected by disasters (here is the elcA press release).

She clearly disapproves, as do most of the commenters (excepting Jeremy Abel and Russ).

I’m with Jeremy and Russ. I don’t claim to know the motives of President Kieschnick (as do Bunnie’s commenters), but taking the press release at face value, there is nothing wrong with cooperating in various non-theological endeavors with other Christians. For that matter, if Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists are protesting at Planned Parenthood, I’d gladly stand side by side with them. Now, if either President Kieschnick or the elcA plans on using this as a means to theological unity, I do have a major problem. Unity comes from agreement in doctrine, not helping people–which is only one of the major problems with the modern ecumenical movement. (Is there such a thing anymore?)

I think it is imperative that we, as human beings, work for the good of our neighbor, so where that happens, it is usually a good thing as long as helping the neighbor is the goal. I can see the point of disliking the “official” nature of the whole thing. I do not know why it was necessary to sign any formal agreement on this. Just do it; there’s no need to make it symbolic of anything larger.


4 thoughts on “Working Together in Disaster Relief

  1. I could stand with elca in doing good works i.e disaster relief, rescue missions etc. Further I’d attempt to use the opportunity to witness to others. On a theological basis however I virulently disagree with many of elca’s stances. I believe that in numerous areas as a synod they’ve gone off the rails into outright heresy.

    B.T.W. in the interest of fairness I’ll have to admit I’m LCMS and feel they’ve disgraced many sincere Lutherans by retaining the name while abandoning Christs standards.

  2. I agree, Conor. A friend noted that NPR characterized the debate as something like “a major issue among Lutherans in the U.S.”. No, it’s not a major issue among Lutherans. It’s a major issue among those who call themselves Lutherans, but who have long since surrendered any right to the name.


  3. Hi people. Thanks to Bunnie D, I’ve been able to tag on to other blogs that are interesting and thought-provoking.

    I’m the “Russ” that you noted. I’d like to add to your thoughts that I did find out that this agreement was something that Rev. Harrison put together. I contacted LCMS Wld Rlf and Human Care. They said that Rev. Harrison needed to move forward iwth this agreement to be sure to maintain our confession and strengthen the Lutheran confession. It also has some legal ramifications to be sure that he has firm standing to deal with all the money that goes through this program.

    So, Pres. K did not put this together. Turns out a conservative pastor put this together to be sure to remain faithful to our confession which includes working together with other citizens to love neighbor.


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