Onto Something New

As Timotheos makes his way back to St. Louis, I already have made it back. Thanks go out to all of the people in Frankenmuth, MI. I have a bunch of good memories that I will take along for the rest of the journey. For the last couple of days, I have been waiting for people to call me, “Vicar.” It is just not happening!


3 thoughts on “Onto Something New

  1. What do you think about the St. Lorenz 40 days of purpose? Are you glad you are not there anymore, or would you agree with this heretical program?

    I have relatives in Frankenmuth. My great-grandfather, Rev. Christopher Heidenreich, received his first call to St. John’s in Frankenmuth. He was only there a year… just long enough to get married to a local girl, Mary Wirth. He then served the church I attend (Zion- Marshall, Michigan) for 50 years. The Bavarian Inn has a “Heidenreich Room” and a “Wirth Room” with family pictures in them. My wife is from Bad Axe, so we drive through Frankenmuth quite often and stop for visits.

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