Good Music Zwlf

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What’s good recently? (Is that sentence grammatically correct?)

1. The new Starflyer 59 cd, Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice. Their last few cds do not differentiate themselves in my mind. This one sticks out. Strings? Horns? Yes, this is Starflyer, and Jason Martin rocks. They have reissues of their classic Gold and Silver albums here.

2. I know I’m late here, but Iron and Wine is good! I just picked up Our Endless Numbered Days, and I can’t stop listening. Get it!

3. At the same time that I got Iron and Wine, I got Sufjan Stevens‘ new one, Illinois (or: “Sufjan Stevens invites you to come on, feel the Illinoise!”). Genius. As far from mainstream as it gets. Amazing. It’s so popular it’s out of stock at Asthmatic Kitty (see link above). If you like Sam Beam’s voice (Iron and Wine), you should like Sufjan.

4. Finally (for this edition), am I glad that Chris Staples didn’t stop making music! If you know who twothirtyeight is, you know who Chris Staples is. If you know who twothirtyeight is, I don’t need to tell you to get Discover America, Psychology. While you’re at it, get this one too.

[By the way, I’m looking forward to this.]


7 thoughts on “Good Music Zwlf

  1. Tim –

    I’ve been out of the “listening to music” scene for too long and would like to start building a collection again. I trust you so I think I wanna try Starflyer, but, being a rookie, only want to buy one album I’ve never heard. I followed your link, but have no idea which album I should reach for. TVVSV, Gold or the $19.99 57 anthology? You tell me. Or should I jump ship and go after Christ Staples? If you can respond today that’d be great.

  2. Another thought – keep in mind that lyrics about straight up immorality or Krishna really don’t do it for me. I’m not saying its gotta “praise God.” But, well, I rather not offend piety either.

  3. Not sure about Iron and Wine, but all the others are Christians, even if not making explicitly “Christian music.” Personally, I like Discover America better than the Starflyer album. Starflyer uses a lot of guitar (not like metal; just kind of fuzzed out guitar) and his voice is quiet. Go to
    They have mp3s of both of them.

    Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier!


  4. I think the band is actually Thousand Foot Krutch. Their new cd is alright. (The only reason I know a lot about the Tooth and Nail bands is that I have an extended family member who works for them.)
    It sounds like a lot of teenage pop-rock stuff these days.
    What kinds of stuff have you listened to and liked in the past; maybe I can point you to something you’ll like.


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