And the Winner Is….

…Chaz. Yes, you are correct. And Ben, you get a round of applause as well. (Chaz and Ben played “Church Trivia.”)

John H. Tietjen wrote those words in an article in the Concordia Theological Monthly in 1969. It was in that year that he was elected to be the president of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Under this leadership, the Walkout of 1974 at the Lutheran seminary in St. Louis took place.

Church Trivia

Are you ready to play?

Name the seminary president who said the following.

“But must we begin with justification at all? In fact, do we begin the theological task with some basic thematic expression of the gospel?…No! Not if we want to assure a relevant proclamation of the gospel! For theology to be relevant, the theological task has to begin not with the gospel but with the situation to which it is to be addressed. The first step in theology formulation is to analyze the conditions of the world for whose sake the gospel is to be proclaimed. ‘The world writes the agenda,’ we are being told these days.”

Stay tuned for the answer.