The Crusades

I’ve been wanting to read some good history on the Crusades for a while, but I do not know where to find a good, solid historical account. Anyone have a good resource?

While you’re searching, read this, and perhaps a historian reading can tell me if the author has her facts straight. I plan to see the movie because it looks good, but if it’s not accurate, I guess it will be another Day After Tomorrow experience.



11 thoughts on “The Crusades

  1. I suggest reading the primary source material. I remember finding a lot of good material in the CSL library a few years ago when I was reading up on them.

    There is also a somewhat recent book out that gives Arab accounts of the same events. I think I have that one on my room. Will post the title later.

  2. Read the article you linked.

    If “Kingdom of Heaven” presents the crusades as the article says it does, then the film is half-right. Both the Crusaders and the Turks were vicious barbarians.

  3. I did read it, that’s why I asked. Perhaps when I get back to St. Louis, I’ll look for some books.


  4. I didn’t mean you hadn’t read it… I was using shorthand. 😉

    (I) Read the article.

    Blah, imprecise language. Sorry.

    Can’t find the book I mentioned.

  5. Tim,

    I would suggest _The Crusades: A Reader_; it’s edited by S.J. Allen and Emilie Amt. It’s a collection of primary sources.

    Also, I saw the movie yesterday… it is NOT historically accurate. They use historical people, but they misuse them.

    But, the battle scenes are cool 🙂


  6. Thanks, Karl. By the way, I’m leaving for a pastors’ conference today at which Paul Maier is speaking. If I mention your name, will he know you? 😉


  7. Of course he will! He told me gets that all the time from Vicars and Pastors that know me and see him at conferences. It’s nice to be in the shadow of a celebrity. 🙂


  8. He did indeed know you, and said he would say hi to you for me. He’s a great presenter, and hilarious, too.


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