They’re Going to Do It Anyway…

This from Here We Stand. Here’s my favorite part:

Carlos Pena, ELCA vice president and chair of the council, said that the council wrestled with the contradiction of keeping a rule against ordaining gays while permitting some churches to break it. “The council realized,” he said, that gay relationships are “a reality and, for the sake of outreach and ministry, we need to create some opportunity for candidates who are living in a committed relationship to be ordained.”

This is akin to those “well-meaning” adults who say, “Well, kids are going to have sex anyway, so we better make sure they have some condoms.” Or, another good one: “They’re going to drink anyway, so they might as well drink in my house.”
In all three cases, any conception of right and wrong has gone in the toilet. It’s all about pragmatic relativism. Here’s the Balaam’s Ass definition: “The unthinking philosophy that considers the easy (=practical) way out of actually disciplining a child [or, in the ELCA’s case, adults] very much better than choosing the right and moral way because ‘they might not think I’m cool.'”

Another GFBA [see meaning of acronym below], Jon., has offered a very convincing theory about the effects of radical liberalism in churches: it’s like Jenga. You can take a piece or two out and things still seem alright. But the more pieces are removed, the more holes appear, and the less stable is the whole structure. It appears that the next person to remove a piece in the elcA (NAMBLA?) may have a bunch of pieces to pick up.

P.S. There’s this from Sound Politics.



3 thoughts on “They’re Going to Do It Anyway…

  1. It is one of the devil’s favorite lies: the lesser evil. In the name of the lesser evil is evil is committed and justified. In contrast the Biblical ethic is: no evil. Do the right thing and suffer the consequences. So – kids have sex and the girl gets pregnant. Now they have to get married and take responsibility. Do we think babies and responsiblity are “more evil” so that the “lesser evil” of teen-age guilt-free parent-endorsed sex can be enjoyed?

    It is also a favorite of the Jesuits: the end justifies the means. No it doesn’t. Gay relationships are a reality. So is addiction. So is corruption. So are varying types of lust and depravation. They are not overcome by pretending that their “reality” makes them ok.


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