Just kidding. But I have noticed that many visitors here come to us from the campuses of universities around the nation. That got me thinking, I wonder where everyone is from? So, if you’re inclined, post the state in which you currently reside. (I’m currently in Arkansas, but only for three more months.)



20 thoughts on “A/S/L

  1. Lurker here . . . from Washington state. King County (very unfortunately). Currently at community college & planning on transfering to UW this fall. (For the program – NOT to be in Seattle!)

  2. JH, there doesn’t seeem to be much difference between Seattle and the rest of King County anymore. I’m amazed at how the space between towns has disappeared in the years since I (praise God!) left the Sound area.

  3. Appreciate seeing where everyone is. Interested also, in how you all came to visit us. I see that most come from the World Blog site, but if you got here some other way, feel free to share.
    M., that is not Jonathan, but Jonathon.


  4. I came here originally from Worldmag, but now you’re bookmarked separately. I still usually stop off after reading Worldmag, though.

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