Our God is Better Than Your God

Katrina vanden Heuvel’s editorial in The Nation is nothing new among the shrill editorials of the left, intended to scare us all into fighting those big, bad people who would breach the “wall of separation,” but there is one quote that made me stop for a minute:

These are scary times. The nation is in the control of extremists who want to merge church and state. A line is crossed when religion demonizes politicians of certain religion–or no religion–and when the church-state separation is breached by people believing that their God is better than another God (sic) [emphasis added].

I suppose this makes sense in the fog of relativity in which the keepers of all that is good and tolerant live, but think about it for a second:
Is a god that demands the death of infidels “just as good” as the God who tells us to love our enemies?

Is a god of pure law, that demands you live up to certain standards before you get into paradise “just as good” as a God who demands certain standards (perfection) but fulfills them Himself in our place?

Is a god that simply “accepts” everyone, regardless of whether a person “believes” in that god “just as good” as a God who truly loves? (Think of it this way: are parents who let their children do whatever they want “just as good” as parents who don’t let their children run into the path of oncoming cars, for example?)

I’m sure the intelligent readers of this blog can come up with other examples. No, regardless of what Katrina thinks, not all gods are created equal–well, all gods are created equal, as in they’re created by humans. The God is not created by humans, making Him, naturally, better by definition.



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