More Looney than Churchill

Dr. Mike Adams has a candidate for Looniest College Professor of 2005: Dr. Jane T. Christensen. She’s a professor at North Carolina Wesleyan College (undoubtedly a college “in the Wesleyan tradition”). I had read this column when it was published, but I didn’t realize it would become a national issue (I’ll rephrase: it’s only national on Fox News [look down the right side of the main page under “U.S. and World”–Martha MacCallum’s interview with Mike Adams from today]; you won’t find it on CNN or MSNBC).
First on the list of absurdities is her website. At the bottom , she claims that 100,000(!) Iraqi civilians have been killed by the U.S. I tried to click on the link for “details,” but unfortunately “The document contains no data” (just like the accusation, no doubt).
Read her e-mail to Mike Adams here. (Why is it that people who disagree with Adams, even and especially “educated” college professors, use so much profanity while making no coherent point? Perhaps that’s just it: they have no coherent point, so they must resort to name-calling and profanity.) By the way, while you’re there, read the rest of the mail and Mike Adams’ responses. You’ll laugh until you cry.



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